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MADE IN CHINA : confidence crisis or just getting aware

CDAF Conference - Paris, 21 Novembere 2007

In its annual conference schedule concerning Purchasing Managers news, CDAF association (French Purchasing Managers association) will hold a conference next Wednesday 21 November 2007 from 6 to 8 pm, on the following theme :
"Made in China : confidence crisis or just getting aware"

Made in China, from the last months all the newspapers are talking about it. Beyond the "scoop" is hiding another reality or several realities : stakes, responsabilities, political operation.
Even if it has mainly concerned the toys business, can we still continue to play without any understanding?

Speakers and issues:
- Mrs Elisabeth YOUNG - Asia Auto CEO
- Mrs Chun Ling PERROUD - Access Asia consulting CEO
- Lawyer Asia specialist

This conference will be articulated as follows:
1. The facts
2. The concerns: preoccupations and responsibilities
3. Risk Limitation
4. Strategic issues on purchasing for the mid and long term .