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Newspaper from 22 February 2005


Chun Ling Perroud is a consultant. This young Chinese woman puts her cross-cultural know-how to help Chinese and French companies.

"Chinese people will never say that he does not agree with you," affirms Chun Ling Perroud, a young Chinese woman at the head of a consulting firm specializing in trade and investment between France and China. Since two years, she has coached French companies with precious advice on reaching their goal - conclude a business contract. "Before signing a contract, one must take the time to finalize the details."

To be precise, French businessmen are often in a hurry and their Chinese counterparts are getting nervous.

During negotiations, one should never unveil everything during the discussion.

"Chinese adore playing, thus one should never disclose all one's cards at the same time."

Chung Ling was born in Hong Kong 36 years ago. Her parents left Guangzhou to "the little New York".

This highly-qualified young woman - she holds a Master's Degree in Chinese and in French, focused in marketing and management- created her consulting firm in 2002, specializing in French-Chinese business development. "We assist French companies to export to China," explains Chun Ling - whose first names means spring bell. Named Access Asia, her company offers the same services to Chinese entrepreneurs, half way between lobbying and coaching, with the same final goal : signing a commercial contract.

Today, Access Asia consulting accounts more than twenty clients, both Chinese and French.

"More and more Chinese companies are investing in French business," Chun Ling Perroud explains.

Arriving in France in the spring of 1995, she was employed by Crédit Agricole bank before creating her own business two years ago in partnership with the Bank and the Lamy-Lexel Legal Firm.

Caroline Auclair