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Le Tout Lyon

Partnerships and companies setting up in China….
Le Tout Lyon in Rhone Alpes, 6 November 2004


Access Asia Consulting organized a conference on the theme "China - which opportunities for partnerships and investments ?"

By being, previously, the end of the Silk Road, Lyon, early on, has had close relations with China, which have been gradually reinforced by welcoming various Chinese delegations (especially in the framework of twinning Lyon and Guangzhou cities, and of the Rhone-Alpes region with Shanghai). As Jean-Michel DACLIN explained, a vice mayor of Lyon city, responsible for International Relations, Tourism and France's decentralization, the context, both institutional and historical is very important in the scheme of trade relationships between the two countries, and Lyon now holds a strategic position for French Chinese exchanges.

It seemed the natural choice for Chun Ling PERROUD, President of Access Asia Consulting, for her conference on China : Which opportunities for partnerships and companies setting up ?" - held last November 3rd at the Carre Bellecour in Lyon, and which was organized in partnership with Credit Agricole bank, the Lamy-Lexel law firm and the Lyon Financial association. It should be noted that Access Asia Consulting, implanted in Lyon and China, is specialized in trade and investment between France and China.

Jean Agnès, President of Lyon's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recalled, in his welcoming speech, that China currently has the highest growth rate, is the first destination for investments, and daily has an increased solvency which is why the country has become a target for the entire world with a very large competitive and political power.

It should be noted that France represents only 1,5% of China global trade and that 3500 French companies work regularly with this country, which is still little. The speakers were thus there, to inform the companies managers on the means to capture this enormous market.

The testimony of Olivier Lu, China manager of the Aguettant Laboratory, opened the debate. He has, initially to find distributors, then to proceed to the technology transfer and then to purchase raw materials locally. It pointed out that to be established in China could cause problems regarding expatriation.

Florent Bonenfant, business manager of the International Mobility Agency of Credit Agricole bank mentioned the questions related to the administrative steps and formalities, to the status of the expatriate and his employment contract, to the social protection.

The legal aspects were approached by two associates from the legal firm Lamy-Lexel: Master Franck Buffaud, responsible for the International Department, talked about various forms of directly founding companies. Master Anne Imbert then supplemented the intervention by the various social aspects of setting up in China.

Ms Perroud, Access Asia Consulting, completed the debate by a commercial and marketing point of view. She pointed out the need of taking into account the China cultural and economic specificities, the way of making business, before approaching this gigantic market. By mixing the various aspects that the partnerships and establishments in China involve, the conference thus made it possible to give an understanding and key access to the Chinese market, as well complex and in constant evolution.

But one should not forget that selling in China or producing and exporting from this country, cannot be done without assistance at the same time in France and locally with local partners.

Finally, to meet these current and prospective needs, other similar initiatives are their way and being prepared.