Access Asia consulting

About us

Asia cannot be ignored anymore, be it a supplying market, a strategic presence or a commercial outlet.

Many western companies are eager to form, develop and increase business relations with Asian business firms. Looking for suppliers, distributors, agents, customers or partners, they often need advice or guidance in their approach to Asia.

Since China joined WTO, an increasing number of companies are concerned about the success of their plans for partnerships with Asia, notably with China.

Access Asia consulting was set up jointly with Lamy-Lexel law firm and Crédit Agricole bank, so as to gather their expertise at European companies’ services.

The synergy of our networks in Asia and our local presence in France and in Europe enables Access Asia consulting to propose a global and customized offer in order to optimize business relationships with Asian partners.

Whether you simply want to start business relations, or to set up in the opposite country taking into account its cultural and legal characteristics, or to operate the new organizations, Access Asia consulting will assist you throughout the different steps of your projects.