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Harbin China

HARBIN advantages

What makes the Harbin area, more than 9 million people, among the most attractive business environments in China? China’s northernmost major city has many advantages.

Natural Resources: The province of Heilongjaing has enormous natural resources, gas, oil, critical metals, etc.

Located near major markets: Harbin enjoys preferential proximity to the important markets of Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Low costs: Harbin cost structures enable it to compete even with other regions of China.

Capable work force: Workers in northeast China are known for their industriousness, dedication and skills.

Existing industrial/technical/agricultural base: Harbin is established as a major heavy industrial center in China. It is also the home of the Harbin Institute of Technology, one of the foremost tech schools in the world, and is rightfully referred to as the “breadbasket of China.”

Infrastructure: Harbin is continuing a plan that will up-grade infrastructure in every area, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, agricultural and tourism.

Progressive leadership: At the municipal and provincial levels, the political leadership of the region is supportive of the new China policies of business development, and knowledgeable in western business practices. The new Songbei Industrial District features some of the most modern industrial facilities in the world, everything from pharmaceuticals to chicken processing. It is the home of a new Coca Cola bottling company.

Harbin China